Discipline in an Agile Team Reduces Stress

October 23, 2008

Recently, I was reviewing some of the Agile projects in my area.   One of the things I noticed was there is a direct correlation to the discipline a team has managing its day to day activities and the overall stress level of the team.  Agile without discipline is chaos.  This has always been my belief.  However, I believe there are some intangible benefits to being disciplined during requirements definition, release planning, iteration planning, daily standups, demos etc.  This intangible benefit is the teams tend to feel a lot more in control when these items are in order.  For scrum masters, stress is reduced simply because they can speak intelligently about the meaningful functionality that has been completed.  For the team, they are less stressed because they believe they are a part of an organized project that has a clear probability of success.  For management, a team that has the proverbial “stuff” together is a pleasure to work with and the antidote to many other stressors.