An Agile Success Story

Currently, I am employed by BMC Software inc. in Houston, Texas as a Senior Director of R&D. My primary responsibility is to lead a large global organization of over 200 engineers on our quest for software engineering excellence. Under the inspiration of Israel Gat, we have made dramatic progress in productivity using Agile methodologies over the last three years. A recent study by an independent organization revealed our team to be amongst the best in the industry at achieving productivity gains using Agile development. Click here to see the case study.


2 Responses to An Agile Success Story

  1. Israel says:

    To the best of my knowledge we now have three
    comparable best-in-class case studies: a company
    Jeff Sutherland recently worked with, a company
    Michael Mah recently worked with, and BMC. Furthermore, Jeff emailed me “It is possible to do radically better than that.” As I am not certain what
    restrictions on publishing Jeff and Michael might have,
    I will be asking them to post comments they are comfortable with directly in this blog.

  2. Israel says:

    The URL below gives a good account of what was accomplished by two the three companies
    I mentioned in my previous comment on the

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