Managing a Large Agile Software Engineering Organization

Recently, I had the privilege of presenting a paper to a number of companies interested in Agile software development at the Agile 2007 conference. Entitled “Managing a Large Agile Software Engineering Organization”, the paper discusses my personal transformation as I was introduced to Agile software development. Below you will find the abstract and link to the article.

This is the story of my business and personal transformation as our department adopted the Agile methodology. The bumps and bruises along the way forced a shift in management philosophy. Embracing the transformation has enabled significant success within the company. The confidence of our customers and internal organizations in our ability to deliver high quality software has increased dramatically. Software releases are now delivered on time with an improved level of quality. However, this success did not necessarily come easily. There were many obstacles to overcome as this large organization transformed itself from a largely waterfall development organization into a high-output Agile development machine. This article presents this transformation and the impact it had on the organization’s leadership and management styles.

Unfortunately, you must be a member of the IEEE computer society to access the article free of charge. Otherwise, there is a fee to view the full article.

Access the Article Here


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