Welcome to Paul Beavers’ Weblog

Next month, December 27th to be exact, I will complete twenty years of professional software development. It seems most appropriate to celebrate this milestone by establishing a site which allows me to share my software development ideas and general management principles with the software engineering community in the form of a blog.

The change of the software industry over the last twenty years is amazing. It’s virtually impossible to imagine building software without access to the vast number of online technical resources. During the course of writing a program today, most programmers make countless trips across the globe searching for information. All from the convenience of their computer desktop. Twenty years ago, programs were written with only a few examples and a couple of hard copy manuals. Today, online resources are the sole source of information for most developers. It is with a sense of gratitude for this medium that I offer this site to you.

Over the last twenty years, I have had the privilege of writing applications for IBM mainframes, TI business systems, Solaris, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. This development was done using a wide variety of computer languages and enabling technologies. Additionally, I have been exposed to many different management philosophies and and software engineering methodologies. Hopefully this is intriguing enough to make you curious enough to check back here from time to time for information you find relevant.

My passion lies in the area of Agile software development. You can expect to find a number of articles here directly related to Agile development methodologies. From time to time, you will find interesting writings on various technical topics. Sometimes you may even find a post regarding something not related to software or technology. While I cannot commit to a frequency of postings, I will strive to make the postings here worthy of your investment in the time required to read them. If you read something here you do not necessarily agree with, please feel free to post a follow up telling me so. I believe good spirited debate will help us all to improve.

I am excited to have this opportunity to share with you.

Paul A. Beavers


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